Private Lessons


Private lessons are undoubtedly the most effective way of learning to dance.  During your lesson, you are one on one with a professional instructor, who attends to your specific needs, goals, styles of learning, and personality. Just watching a demonstration of dance steps can perhaps be enough to learn Zumba, but not partner dancing.  Partner dancing requires a kinesthetic approach to learning.  Whether leading or following, “hands-on learning” helps you to internalize connections, understand the energy exchange between partners, & fully comprehend how both parts blend together.   In a private lesson, your instructor isolates & breaks down movement, not just footwork, & will work with you specifically on what you need.  Dancing is not just about learning some steps.  Dancing is a conversation.  



Private Lessons are 45 minutes and can be scheduled during the week or on weekends. You can bring a partner or come solo. We offer morning, afternoon, and evening availability so that you always have an excuse to dance. Lesson Packages are available for greater Private Lesson progress & savings.

Semi-Private Lessons

A Semi-private lesson is a private lesson with more than 2 people. Many students will schedule a private lesson with another couple for a fun night out or with a whole group of friends and rent out the whole studio. We give your group detailed attention with the dance style of your choice and it makes it even more affordable because you can split the cost.

Rent the Studio


Have a party and set the mood you want with amazing music, space, lights, and dancing. . . without having to move all the furniture in your house. We're located right in Downtown Leesburg which means a great central location.


Think about it. . .

Birthday party

Wedding parties

Baby shower

Team building/Office Party

All Holidays

Special occasion


For no reason at all


. . .what we're trying to say is just bring a few friends and make learning to dance fun and social.



Dear Dance King Family and Community, 


The health and safety of our students is of upmost importance to us. As we re-open and begin instructing both group and private lessons again, we are prioritizing our efforts to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for you to come out and enjoy the gift of dance. 


Here is what we are doing to keep you dancing in both a fun + safe environment: 

Private Lessons: 

  • Instructors will wear masks when sharing a space less than 6ft distance

  • Instructors will wash hands & disinfect commonly touched areas between lessons 

  • One lesson per room vs sharing the space with another instructor

Here’s to always finding an excuse to dance! 




Your Dance King Team 

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